Hi there, my name is Deborah Lee Proaño and “MeowMeowProject” is the name I use as a singer-songwriter. I am a Singaporean writer and a musician. I live in Los Angeles and I am currently figuring out my next step in life. In the meantime, I blog about various projects and adventures I attempt, from music to baking, to crafting, to sewing, to painting to just plain thinking. This blog is a space for me to keep writing and expressing my thoughts, it is also a space I hope which will encourage people to wonder, create and explore. There are so many beautiful things in the world, and yet there are so many painful and ugly things, I feel that beauty and ugliness are somewhat intertwined in many ways even though they may seem as different as night and day.  This blog is an attempt to reconcile and capture some of those moments in life where the two meet and meld into a new and joyous creation.

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