Small Fish

The ache has got familiar
I’ve learned to pack it in
All these moments
Feel so sober

I’m just a small fish
In a small pond

I know there’s a reason
For every season

But the ache’s so strong
And it feels so …

Like something
Inside me keeps
On breaking

Over and over again

Small fish
Small fish
Where do you go

“Small fry
Grow up”

Just show up

I’ve tried not to care
About what people


It’s harder than you
Can imagine

I hate feeling judged
And that’s a weakness

I can’t tell you
How much
I’ve tried to be stronger than that

The aches got familiar
So many things have gone


I’ve sought the ocean
But am surrounded by the sea

It’s all water
Need to find my flow

Small fish small fish
When did you learn to pack
It in?

Just go with the flow
And you will grow

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