You know that feeling you get when you finally finish something that had been hanging over your head for the longest time?  Now you can finally sit back and relax, without that niggling sense of discomfort that eats away at your soul.

Now you finally have license to chill.

That is exactly how I am feeling because I have finished putting together my Kickstarter project. It is now pending approval by the Kickstarter team, but once it is approved, I will launch the project.

It took a while for me to think up  the rewards for the Kickstarter, to write the backstory behind the project and most of all to make the video for it. But thanks to Esteban Proaño and Kalister Harmon, the video is finally done and my Kickstarter is now ready to take off!

This Kickstarter project also took a while to get together I wanted to finish two outstanding projects before embarking on raising funds for my album. These two projects are now all done and available for listening to. The first one is a gospel R&B type song called “Without You” which a friend, Keji Sojobi, and I wrote together.

You can check it out here

The other song is a rock/indie song that was written by Thomas Wu, my favorite guitarist and a long-time friend.

I love both of these songs and am excited to be able to put them out there. I hope that you will enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed producing them!

2 responses to “aahhhhhhhhhhhhh…….”

  1. I have to say I like The Enemy.

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