searching for: inspiration for work

This is where i head to everyday for work. It's my office.

I decided to make a post today as I’m running out of inspiration for music. Somehow it’s difficult to get down to music when at the back of your mind you’re worrying about money, about whether or not you’re worth your salt as a musician and wondering about whether or not you’ve got what it takes to build a successful career in music.

So… as a pleasant diversion I thought I would write about my workspace today and explain to you all how and where I work. See this picture? This is my studio. Esteban and I set up the moving blankets which acts as insulation and helps create a good environment for recording music. They hang from the ceiling and help prevent sound waves from bouncing off the walls and wreaking havoc on the mix.  It works! We’ve got a professional recording room for a grand total of $50! (price includes moving blankets, eyelets and hooks for hanging the blanket)

Also,  recently we sent in our NT-1 Rode microphone to get it modified so that it comes back sounding like a Neumann U-87, very sexy, very slick and very good for folk and acoustic recordings. It’ll come back fully modded May 5th, all ready for making sweet music for my debut album.

In the meantime, I’m helping a good friend and my favorite electric guitarist, Thomas,  from back home in Singapore,  to produce his song, titled “The Enemy.” This is a long overdue project that I promised him I’d do. It’s a slow acoustic number, rather raw sounding. I’m hoping to go for something Ryan Adam-ish for this song, reminiscent of his cover of “Wonderwall.”

I’ve also recently finished producing a song I co-wrote with another friend, and wonderful musician, Keji. The song is titled “Without You” and is a R&B christian inspirational song. Keji wrote the verses and chorus and sang on it, I wrote the bridge, played acoustic guitar and produced it and Esteban’s going to mix it down. I can’t wait for the final product.

Well, that’s all for now. Till the next flash of inspiration comes, here I am, signing off… meeowwrrrrrrr!

Confession & Consolation: Getting Down and Dirty

Ennui, lack of motivation, depression, self-loathing and stagnation has led me to writing my first blog entry in a long time. They say catharsis is good, hopefully this will be the first of many more to come.

Confession:I’ve been sitting on my ass for too long and letting the songs that I’ve written the past few years stew and go unproduced for way too long, while I have focused on learning music theory and writing fancy orchestral film-scores with orchestral music.

Consolation: I’m finally starting to get my act together as a singer-songwriter: I’m coming out of a 1.5 year long hiatus that I took to focus on my certificate program in film-scoring in UCLA Extension. Now that I’ve finally finished the intensive film-scoring course I finally have some time to get down and dirty and produce that kick-ass album I’ve been wanting to create in forever. With all the skills I have gained in the film scoring course, I’m confident that I can produce a truly kick-ass, “so good that it hurts so bad,” album.

My debut album will be called “Home” to capture the constant homesickness that I have for a “home” that I never had and perhaps will never have, except for brief moments when I’m completely lost in music. As Paul Simon says, “we’re homeless.”

To all you folks who love my music, I promise you, an album will be out this year, by September or October. Stay tuned and give me a shout, I’d love to hear from you.